1) Can I hire a motorcycle with an overseas motorcycle license?
Yes you can. Only need to have a motorcycle license to hire a LAMS motorcycle under 660cc. For a motorcycle above 660cc you must have had your R class (large motorcycle license) for more than one year.

2) How can I pay for the security bond?
You can use your credit card on a Pre-Authorization of $2000 or cash of $2000. Pre-Authorization is only held for 7 days, cash will be returned when motorcycle is returned.

3) Can I take a passenger?
Yes you can. We even have all sizes of riding gear for your passenger.

4) Do you have riding gear for me to use?
Yes, we have all sizes and free to use for the driver. (helmet, jacket, and gloves)

5) How long can I hire for?
Hire is on a 24hrs, in which you can return any time before but not after 7pm. Also you can hire for longer and is a lot cheaper for a week or longer.

6) Can I leave a car at the meeting place?
Yes you can, there is free parking to use.

7) Can I pickup the Motorcycle the night before, like 5pm for the weekend hire?

You sure can, if the bike is available and you are hiring a motorcycle for Saturday- Sunday you can pickup the bike at the meeting point on Friday around 5pm for no extra charge.